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Does your mattress take care of your pressure points?

What happens if you don't support your pressure points during sleep?

Pressure points are areas of the body that bear the brunt of our weight while we sleep. When not properly supported, these points can lead to discomfort, pain, and restless nights. In this blog, we'll delve into the significance of pressure point care and what can happen if you neglect it.

Understanding Pressure Points

First, let's talk about what pressure points are and why they matter. Pressure points are specific areas of the body where blood circulation can be restricted, leading to discomfort and potential pain. They're most commonly found in the shoulders, hips, and knees, and they can make or break your sleep quality.

Pressure points occur due to uneven distribution of weight on your mattress. When you lie down on a surface that doesn't support your body correctly, the areas in direct contact with the mattress tend to bear more weight. Over time, this can result in the accumulation of pressure and discomfort.

What Happens If You Don't Support Your Pressure Points During Sleep?

Now, let's explore the consequences of not adequately supporting your pressure points during sleep.


The immediate consequence of neglecting pressure point support is discomfort. You may toss and turn, trying to find a more comfortable position, and wake up feeling unrested.


Over time, the discomfort can turn into pain. Unrelieved pressure points can lead to soreness in the shoulders, hips, and other areas, which can extend beyond the time you spend in bed.

Sleep Disturbances

Failing to address pressure points can result in frequent awakenings throughout the night, impacting your sleep quality. This leads to a vicious cycle of fatigue and irritability during the day.

Long-Term Health Issues

Chronic discomfort and pain due to unsupported pressure points can contribute to more severe health issues, such as musculoskeletal problems and reduced quality of life.

Poor Posture

Continuously sleeping on a mattress that doesn't support your pressure points can negatively affect your posture. Poor posture, in turn, can lead to various health issues.

Increased Stress

Lack of quality sleep due to pressure points can lead to increased stress and emotional strain. Sleep is crucial for stress management, and if you're not sleeping well, your ability to cope with life's challenges diminishes.

Choosing the Right Mattress for Pressure Point Relief

Now that you understand the importance of supporting your pressure points, let's discuss how to choose the right mattress:

Determine Your Sleep Position

Your sleep position plays a significant role in which mattress will be most effective. Side sleepers might prefer a softer mattress, while back and stomach sleepers may require firmer support.

Consider Material

The type of mattress material matters. Memory foam and latex are often recommended for pressure point relief, but it ultimately depends on your comfort preferences.

Trial Periods

Many mattress companies offer trial periods. Take advantage of this to ensure the mattress you choose is suitable for your pressure point needs.

Consult a Specialist

If you have specific medical conditions or chronic pain, consult with a healthcare specialist or orthopaedic doctor for personalised recommendations.

How does a SmartGRID mattress help in taking care of your pressure points during sleep?

A SmartGRID mattress is designed to provide innovative support and pressure relief during sleep. Voted ‘best buy’ on Which? Magazine, HiGRID – The Sleep Company’s smartGRID mattresses cradle your pressure points, make sure your body is supported entirely and ease your stress. 

Here's how it helps take care of your pressure points:

Customised Support

SmartGRID mattresses feature a grid-like structure made from a hyper-elastic polymer. This grid is designed to flex and adjust according to your body's unique contours. As you lie down, it responds to your weight and shape, creating a customized sleeping surface that evenly distributes pressure across your body, particularly at pressure points.

Pressure Point Relief

The SmartGRID material is highly adaptive. It compresses under areas of higher pressure, such as your shoulders and hips, while offering firmer support to other parts of your body. By doing so, it helps to reduce the pressure on sensitive areas, alleviating discomfort and minimising the risk of pressure point-related issues.

Improved Blood Circulation

By reducing pressure on key points like your hips and shoulders, SmartGRID mattresses promote better blood circulation. This means that more oxygen and nutrients can flow to these areas, reducing the chances of waking up with numbness or tingling sensations.

Optimal Spinal Alignment

Proper alignment of your spine is crucial for a good night's sleep and overall well-being. SmartGRID mattresses work to maintain a neutral spinal position, reducing strain on your back and promoting healthier posture while you sleep.

By accommodating your body's unique shape and distributing pressure evenly, these mattresses help to alleviate discomfort, reduce the risk of pressure point-related issues, and promote a healthier, more restful sleep experience. If you're looking to enhance your sleep quality and address pressure point concerns, a SmartGRID mattress could be an excellent choice.

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Vasantha Priya

Vasantha Priya

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