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Caring For Your Aging Mother – How Does a Soft, Breathable Mattress Improve Her Health?

If your mom has been exhausted, irritable and feeling weak lately, chances are her menopause has begun and she's going through a lot. 

When you look closely, you'll notice that the bustling woman who chased and ran with you in the backyard now takes time to catch up with you even while walking. The one who sang lullabies for you can’t sleep at night. 

It’s up to you to notice the silent pain your mom endures and make things easier for her at home. 

Let us explore what happens to your mother's body as she ages, and how you can care for her.

3 Ways Menopause Affects The Brain

Telltale Signs of an Ongoing Menopause and Their Impact

Observe these symptoms of ongoing menopause:

  • Urinary incontinence – the inability of the bladder to hold in and empty urine properly
  • Hot flashes – sudden rise in body temperature in the upper body
  • Volatile mood swings
  • Chronic exhaustion
  • Weight gain
  • Anxiety, frustration, a wave of unexplained sorrow overtaking your mood
  • High irritability
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Excessive sweating and fatigue

Studies say that 60% of women experience mild symptoms during menopause, while 20% face absolutely no symptoms, and the other 20% face severely painful symptoms. 

What Happens in the Body During Menopause?

It marks the end of menstruation or the biophysical phenomenon where ovarian follicles decrease, which marks an end to fertility, which began waning in her late 30s. 

Oestrogen is a critical hormone that single-handedly manages several functions in a woman’s body and causes bodily changes during menopause.

Oestrogen and Body Temperature

Oestrogen also interacts with neurokinin B, the thermoregulating neurons that adjust body temperature. During menopause, this ability of oestrogen reduces and there’s improper temperature regulation, which is why menopausal women experience hot flashes. 

Oestrogen and Heart Health

This vital hormone also keeps the heart’s blood vessels healthy by cleaning them and flushing out any toxin accumulation. 

During menopause, oestrogen production is reduced, and the blood vessels aren’t as well kept as before, plaque begins to form in the arteries, which poses a risk of a range of cardiovascular diseases. 

Oestrogen and Bone Health

Bone-building tissues, called osteoblasts, are stimulated by oestrogen, which adds bone mass, renews bone tissues and keeps them healthy. 

When oestrogen content is reduced in the system, bone health begins to wane rapidly, bones become fragile and women become susceptible to osteoporosis. 

Menopause and Mental Health

16% of women develop depression during menopause, due to hormonal changes, plausible loss of spouse, empty nest syndrome, grief over infertility etc. 

Since a plethora of hormones is at play, women also witness a steep decline in cognitive health during menopause, which may be why your mom may feel she takes longer to understand simple things nowadays. 

So, good sleep, activity and nutrition are all essential to balance those rampant hormones.

Simple Steps to For a Pain-less Menopausal Transition and Glorious Golden Years

In 7 years, menopausal women will increase to 1.2 billion around the world. 

So, the best way to help these superheroes and show our moms how much we love them is to start by helping our own. 

Here are simple steps:

  • Regular physical exercise is mandatory, as it pumps in endorphins that lift the mood, help reduce weight, improve physical and mental strength and sharpen the mind.
  • Allocating time for daily relaxing activities, such as knitting, painting, singing, and reading. Journaling etc. 
  • Having a joyous family time together increases the sense of belonging. 
  • Avoiding caffeine or alcohol 
  • Opting plant-based protein
  • Take 1000-1500 mg of calcium every day
  • Include green leafy vegetables in her meals
  • Avoid overly sugary, aerated and processed food and drinks
  • Get uninterrupted sleep for at least 7 hours 

How can a plush mattress help your mom get the rest she deserves? 

Given the gruelling changes she undergoes physically and mentally, she needs deep restorative sleep, for her body to repair itself. 

The UK's first and only SmartGRID mattresses, brought to you by HiGRID - The Sleep Company has designed an airy, supportive, pressure-alleviating mattress that speaks to your mom's critical pressure points, and relaxes her like never before. 

2500+ Air Channels to Counter Hot Flashes and Sweating 

Constructed with open grids and soft breathable layers, the smartGRID mattress allows free circulation, doesn't trap heat and keeps her sleep surface cool. 

Orthopaedic support to relieve joint pain and carefully hold pressure points 

The optimal mix of firmness and softness ensures her bones are rested and relaxed well, while there's no unusual strain on any particular body part.

Motion Adaptation to ease frequent nighttime waking

Her bladder urges her to visit the loo many times at night. That's why the smartGRID mattress has excellent edge support, prevents sinking and isolates motion to her side of the bed only, so she can get up and return comfortably.

Superior softness to cradle her sensitive skin

Her skin is becoming excessively sensitive, and we understand why. That's why our grids are infused with Japanese patented Hyper-Elastic Polymers that create a feather-like surface for her to sleep well.

Want to get your mom to try these super snug mattresses? Bring the mattress home at 45% off, and give your mom the sleep she deserves.

Order now at HiGRID - The Sleep Company.

Vasantha Priya

Vasantha Priya

Vasantha Priya is a freelance content writer by day and a poet by night. She specialises in research-backed, long-form content for B2B & B2C brands. Vasantha strikes a chord with readers and drives action by establishing trust, thought leadership and authenticity. Apart from writing, she’s an English tutor and OD consultant. She also has an undying love for chocolates and sunsets.

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