Innovation Unleashed: Forging a Bold Path with a Fresh Mold.

Introducing the UK's 1st & Only Japanese Patented SmartGRID Technology. Transform your nightly ritual into an extraordinary experience, seamlessly blending innovation and comfort. Elevate your sleep to unprecedented heights with cutting-edge technology designed for your ultimate rest.

Pressure Balancing Grid

The intelligent pressure-releasing grid technology is designed based on the shape of the human
body, allowing for dynamic flexibility and pressure relief. This results in effective pressure reduction on protrusions, providing improved comfort and reducing back pain.

2500+ Air Channels

The grid structure of the material promotes natural air circulation, allowing for the discharge of hot air and the intake of fresh air. This enhances breathability and comfort, making the material ideal for use in applications where airflow and ventilation are important considerations.

Motion Isolation

The unique grid pattern of this material proves highly efficient in minimizing or isolating vibrations triggered by the motions of others, leading to a tranquil and uninterrupted sleeping experience. As a person shifts positions during sleep, the grid's pressure-relieving design swiftly responds, offering immediate and effective support.

High-Durability Design

The pressure-releasing grid is crafted using hyper elastic material that boasts a durable and stable performance, making it resistant to aging. This high-quality material ensures long-lasting and reliable performance.