Modern Slavery

We are conscious of our obligation to every individual in our supply chain, no matter where they may be, as a purpose-driven company. Because of this, we treat contemporary slavery and human trafficking with a strict zero-tolerance policy.

Modern slavery is illegal and violates essential human rights. According to the Modern Slavery Act of 2018, modern slavery includes a number of practices, including servitude, forced labor, trafficking in persons, and slavery. These practices all include robbing someone of their freedom so that they can be used for another person's benefit or for their own. Under any circumstances, HiGRID will not accept any of these behaviors in our business or supplier chain.

All of our vendors, suppliers, and other business partners must adhere to the same strict standards of zero tolerance for modern slavery, and we expect our vendors to hold their own vendors to the same high standards. In addition, we expect our vendors to notify us immediately of any modern slavery-related risks they have identified in their supply chains.