Place the sealed package in your room on the intended bed frame Carefully cut the outer bag and plastic wrapping without cutting into the mattress. The mattress will start unrolling and expanding after the plastic is removed. Position it correctly on the bed frame, allowing space for full expansion to avoid moving it afterward.

Bloom Time

Allow the mattress to "bloom" for 4-6 hours. This process allows the layers of the mattress to regain their shape after being compressed. The complete bloom period may take up to 24 hours for the mattress to fully expand and settle.

Bedding Placement

While the mattress is blooming, you can place your bedding on it. Any scents from the mattress and its packaging are normal and will dissipate shortly.

HiGRID Mattress Set Up Instructions

  • Unboxing Process: The HiGRID mattress arrives meticulously compacted and vacuum-sealed, warranting careful placement in the intended room.
  • Positioning: Methodically position the package on the designated bed frame or foundation. Execute a precise incision on the plastic wrapping, ensuring no contact with the mattress itself.
  • Unrolling Sequence Witness the seamless expansion of the mattress upon unwrapping. Ensure accurate placement on the bed frame to allow unimpeded expansion without the need for subsequent adjustments.
  • Blooming Duration Allow the mattress to bloom naturally for 4-6 hours, with complete revitalization potentially taking up to 24 hours to achieve its optimal form and comfort.
  • Bedding Addition: While the mattress undergoes the blooming process, tactfully adorn it with your preferred bedding. Temporary scents emanating from the mattress and packaging are expected but will swiftly dissipate.
  • Sleeping Experience: Once the mattress achieves full bloom, luxuriate in the unparalleled pressure-relieving support and refreshing comfort it provides. Prepare for nights of uninterrupted rest within the embrace of your HiGRID mattress.