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How a Good Mattress Slows Down Aging

Deep sleep may act as fountain of youth in old age

From the day you were born, you age slowly. However, your system doesn’t have to age with you. With proper sleep, you can delay or reverse ageing. 

You would have heard how sleep deeply influences hormones, and the immune and nervous systems big time. Remember the times you weren’t able to recollect a recent memory, or you tried to learn something new and simply couldn’t get it in your head? Those may be reflections of poor sleep. 

When this prolongs for a while, your body is chronically tired, unable to restore balance and repair, which ultimately leads to faster ageing (cause your body’s going through a lot). All those face lifters or scrubs won’t help if you don’t have adequate shuteye.

We won’t let that happen to you. We went through studies, talked to experts and have put together reasons why you may have a bad sleep cycle, how sleeplessness is tied to ageing and what you can do to ensure you feel and look forever young. Stick with us, it’s about to get deep and interesting. 

What Wakes You Up at Night?

You’re in the tube, you just have a few stops to go before you can crash on your bed. You’re exhausted after a long day. Once you get home, your bed tempts you and you give in to a short nap. Once you wake up, you feel refreshed and when you finally decide to call it a night, your body won’t let you sleep.

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#1 Screen Exposure Until Just Before Sleep

You scroll social media for hours on end and sleep in the wee hours of the morning. When you try sleeping immediately after shutting down the blue screen, you may have a hard time falling asleep, as your brain hasn’t calmed down yet. 

It’s still stimulated from the inputs you fed to it. This is what happens when you don’t follow a proper sleep routine. 

Not only do you stay up late, but you also tend to wake up in between. You may tend to skip certain sleep stages and thus won’t feel fresh the next morning. Remember this the next time you feel grumpy in the morning.

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#2 Your Body Isn’t Exhausted

Are you a couch potato? We don’t blame you. There’s been a massive lifestyle shift, especially in the last 5 years that are taking a toll on all our health conditions. If you have a sedentary lifestyle where you order food and other supplies, and hardly ever get out and switch between your home furniture, you have a good chance of waking up multiple times, even from a deep sleep. 

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#3 Temperature Rises Too Much

Does your room allow for proper ventilation? Do you keep your windows open at night? If your room temperature rises during your sleep time, your body relates it to the warmness of the morning and wakes you up, thinking it’s time for you to wake. 

You need a cool sleeping temperature, which allows you to drift off and stay asleep throughout the night. Any extremity will wake you up unnecessarily.

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#4 Your Neck Isn’t Supported Well

Early men slept on their backs, with the Earth as their arch support. We have evolved a lot since then and now have our unique sleeping positions. However, to have the best quality sleep, experts advise you to support the contour of your neck well. 

All other pressure points find comfort in the surface, however, the curvature of your neck needs extra support. 

If you sleep in a bizarre position that compromises your neck, you are sure to wake up multiple times, to adjust your sleeping position. 

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#5 Your Skin Itches, or You Feel Suffocated

How many times have you lost sleep over an allergy? Or when you felt your lungs were about to scream for oxygen? Whichever deep sleep state you’re in, these discomforts can disrupt it. 

Once you wake up, you tend to keep scratching until the itching fades, or when you’re able to inhale fresh air. And, as you know full well, it’s hard to bring back quality sleep once you’ve lost it. 

Air Pollution and Your Health

#6 Air Pollution

Studies show extensively that air pollution has the tendency to accelerate ageing, and can cause discomfort in your breathing, thus forcing you to wake. That’s why you need a hypoallergenic mattress to purify your sleeping surface and ensure no allergens get to your skin or respiratory tract. 

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#7 Your Partner Keeps Moving

Those who sleep with a partner know the drill. Every time they need to use the loo, or toss and turn in their sleep, you feel it. 

Feeling every movement takes a toll on your sleep quality. Just when you reach the deeper sleep stages, you are forcefully pushed to the lighter stages, after which you need lots of time to go back to restorative sleep. 

How many times have you secretly wished to move to the couch, so you can sleep better? You’re justified in thinking that. Sleep experts understand your feeling and have even coined a term for it – motion transfer. Your mattress needs to have advanced high-resilience foam, transitional layers and grid-like technology to isolate motion and help you stay snoozed like a baby. 

How Does Sleep Deprivation Accelerate Ageing?

Studies show that if we stay awake for longer than 24 hours, quite frequently, brain age increases by 1-2 years. And when one major organ ages faster, all others follow suit. It’s also known that almost every disease that takes a toll on you later in life is linked to poor sleep in your youth. 

Since biological ageing is a chain reaction, you need to know how different parts of your body respond to sleeplessness. 

Nervous System 

If you sleep 5 hours or less regularly, the cells and molecules in your brain, which control the central nervous system begin to alter, causing frequent dysfunction and faster ageing than normal. 

Your nerves don’t calm down enough after a long day, which means they run on all cylinders 24/7, thus making you susceptible to major nervous system issues pretty early on in life. 

This molecular alteration can also bring with it a series of cardiovascular diseases that normally the younger population wouldn’t contract at a young age.


One of the first places chronic stress and sleeplessness show up is your skin. You may start developing deep creases on your forehead, dark circles around your eyes and a perennially tired look on your face. Your skin loses its ability to repair itself. Biologically, for the first 3 hours of dosing off, your brain produces somatotropin, a hormone that keeps your skin youthful. For the next 2 hours, it secretes melatonin, which cools your body temperature and further takes you deep into sleep. 

In your deepest stages, your skin completely relaxes and produces the much-loved collagen – required to keep your skin elastic, soft and supple. All these hormones go for a toss, in the event you don’t give your body the time to restore homeostasis. 

You become less prone to allergic reactions, your skin becomes extra sensitive, there’s improper blood flow to your body, and poor hydration, which can make you look many years older than you are.


As your body ages, the cells in your DNA slowly lose their massive power to divide, heal themselves and grow when faced with damage. This invariably happens in older adults. 

However, if you run on poor quality, disrupted sleep cycles of fewer than 5 hours of sleep over a long time, your cells start deteriorating soon, resulting in accelerated ageing. You’ll start facing health issues your peers aren’t even aware of at your age. 

How Can HiGRID Mattress Help Reverse Ageing?

We feel you. You’ve been running short on slumber for some time now and are worried that you’ve damaged your health forever. 

Here’s the thing – no, you haven’t – yet. 

There’s still a good chance to reverse the ageing effect by catching up on quality sleep. 

But this deep sleep should be continuous. Your body loves a healthy, nature-based routine and you need to give it one. 

Just as we speak about restorative sleep, check if your mattress is causing any disturbances to you. If it is, you need to replace it with a plush, supportive mattress. Make an upfront investment in a new mattress now and enjoy health benefits for at least a decade. 

Not just any mattress, we present to you UK’s first and only smartGRID mattress with advanced sleep technology that’s aimed to hold you soft yet support your body just where it needs. 

#1 Protects Your Skin From Infections

Our HiGRID mattresses are designed with a hypoallergenic top cover having an artful cotton and viscose blend. This wondrous combination gives the most comfort and also keeps infections and allergies at bay. 

Any body fluids, dead cells or tissues, or even insects that may have oozed out during sleep are automatically evaporated, thus eliminating any chance for them to come in contact with you. 

Your skin is 100% safe with a hypoallergenic cover. It also prevents germs and dust from piling up and causing skin irritations. Researches show if you’re in a region where air quality is poor, you are more susceptible to faster ageing. 

The HiGRID mattress has a breathable, eco-friendly cover that purifies the air coming into immediate contact with it. If you’re a stomach sleeper and you breathe in from the mattress, you don’t have to worry. 

The cotton, viscose layer helps you inhale clean air and doesn’t give you respiratory issues. 

#2 2500+ Air Channels Allow Free Air Flow

Our mattresses are infused with Japanese patented Hyper-Elastic Polymers, which means that the inner layer of our mattresses has several column-like structures that enable free air flow between the layers. 

No more profuse sweating, or waking up in between to turn up the air cooler. Since airflow is at its peak, you will experience a cooler sleeping environment. The mattress adapts itself to give you a cooler surface as you hit the bed and a slightly warmer temperature at dawn. 

This automatic temperature-regulating property is crafted to make sure you never wake up feeling too hot or too cold. 

#3 Care for All Pressure Points

The very same columns distribute your body weight evenly, regardless of your sleeping position. 

Studies show that your spine protects your entire central nervous system and any compromise on its alignment will hurt multiple parts of your body. 

Experts recommend sleeping on your back, with optimal support to your neck and lumbar region. When weight is distributed on a larger surface area, it doesn’t exert minimal pressure on any particular pressure point. 

Our mattress and its Luxio tech comfort technology ensure your body receives 2x more comfort, and exclusive support to the neck, shoulders, back of your head and the lumbar region, by finding a sweet spot between comfort and support. 

Our high resilience foam doesn’t sink too deep or lay too flat, so you can ensure your nasal airway remains in perfect position, you don’t choke or suffocate at any point, and your body receives proper blood flow. This way, you alleviate most risks of premature ageing.

#4 Strong Mattress Core that Helps You Sleep Even If Your Partner Moves

All HiGRID mattresses have a super strong core and an anti-skid base that keeps the mattress grounded and doesn’t allow it to bounce even in case of heavy movement. This way, you can ensure that any motion on your partner’s side won’t affect you, and you’ll sleep just fine. 

It also prolongs the lifespan of the mattress and keeps it resistant to wear and tear. Switch to a HiGRID mattress to reclaim the soulful sleep that you’ve only dreamt of. Regain all sleep you’ve lost and do your body a huge service. A plush and body-adapting mattress is the best start to reversing your ageing and staying forever young. 

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Vasantha Priya

Vasantha Priya

Vasantha Priya is a freelance content writer by day and a poet by night. She specialises in research-backed, long-form content for B2B & B2C brands. Vasantha strikes a chord with readers and drives action by establishing trust, thought leadership and authenticity. Apart from writing, she’s an English tutor and OD consultant. She also has an undying love for chocolates and sunsets.

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